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This five-pointed star is usually associated with the pentacle, pentagram, or even devil wordship. Don’t stop being creative! Let’s create different characters on your own in minutes! Available for sale.


Pentagram / Pentacle Engraved – 3D FX Transfers

Our pentagram/pentacle engraved make you feel like being in an unnatural world with powerful witches. With the shape of pentacle or pentagram, it definitely kills at any Halloween party. Buy now!

To raise the gore factor, you can apply our amazing Blood FX.

If you are interested in our wounds collection, you may also like our Sore Throat with blood pouring from your neck and the Small Gouge which is kind of a bloody open wound on your flesh.

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Weight 0.20312499982087 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 7 × 11 in


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