Vampire Bites – 3D FX Transfers


Our Vampire bites are the perfect combination of spooky and pretty making you look like you have been bitten by a real vampire on your neck. They’re¬†going to actually kill at your Halloween party. Available for sale.


Vampire Bites – 3D FX Transfers

How much hot a neck Dracula bite would have been! Vampire Bites gives you real bite marks on your flesh. A little glam and a little gory, they definitely the perfect accessory for your Dracula or Vampire makeup. Are you ready to bite innocent people? Buy now!

Not impressive enough? Let’s be creative by apply our creepy contact lenses providing a perfect finishing touch to a vampire costume.

Our zombie collection also provides other cool items such as our Branded which gives you a burned cross mark on your forehead and the Small Trypophobia with some realistic maggots feasting and wiggling around your face.

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Weight 0.14062499987599 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 5 × 11 in


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