Zombie Rot – 3D FX Transfers

Zombie Rot – 3D FX Transfers


Zombie Rot is exactly the accessory you need to apply to your zombie makeup look. You can be a terrifying and ghoulish creature in minutes. Try now! Available for sale!


Zombie Rot – 3D FX Transfers

Zombie Rot is the must-have item when you want to do zombie makeup. It gives you authentic-looking zombie skin which catches people’s attention at a Halloween party. 

Are you ready to stand out at the party with this cool transfers? What are you waiting for? Buy now!

To be more realistic, you can apply our creepy contact lenses providing a perfect finishing touch to your zombie costume.

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Don’t forget to check out our main website Tinsleytransfers.com to find out other cool products which might make you break out into hives.

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Weight 0.20312499982087 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 7 × 11 in


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